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Explore the lagoon: Venice“la Serenissima” and the islands

The Union Lido camping resort is set on a spit of land, north east of Venice, a position that is perfect both for the service sit offers and the spread of pine trees and poplars that mean it stays cool even during the hotter summer months.

In fact the site is found at the centre of a 12 km strip on the Adriatic coast with fine golden sand. Here from April to September, the sun beats down on the coast from sunrise to sunset, making the luxuriant pine forest an ideal place to spend an outdoor holiday in complete safety. The surroundings offer a variety of landscapes to choose from for day trips to the lagoon or simply enchanting spots for an after dinner stroll.

Set off for the "Serenissima”, with its canals, impressive architecture, legends, artists and the most beautiful and well known “open air living rooms” in Italy, St Marks Square. To reach Venice from Union Lido takes just a 15 min bus ride and then half an hour by motor boat.

A must see are also the nearby islands. One of which, Murano, is known throughout the world for its master glass makers. And don’t miss Burano, famous for lace making, the “bussolai” ring shaped breadsticks and its colourfully painted houses, Torcello – the mother of Venice – with the Santa Fosca church, and Chioggia, land of fishermen and ancient legends… all places that bring with them the charm of days gone by and are well worth visiting, perhaps combined with a boat tour. For divers, just a few miles off the coast with a depth between 15 and 40 metres, you’ll find the “Parco Naturale delle Tegnue”: a naturally rocky zone created by sea creatures, that gives you the chance to explore a submarine world populated by thousands of life forms.

Lovers of good food will be able to taste the many cultures that have made up the fabric of Venice throughout its history, and that even today are passed from generation to generation through the recipes of the local cuisine. The history of the people and life by the sea, of unique flavours from the produce and scents of this magical land in a cuisine that is interwoven with folklore. 

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