What to eat in Chianti Region?
  • Wine and oil tasting
  • Tuscan hinterland cuisine
  • Land dishes

Chianti wine is the protagonist of Tuscan cuisine: it’s a symbol of this land and one of the best Italian wines known around the world.

A tour in the "Strade del Vino e dell'Olio" (Roads of Wine and Oil) that unites the most famous vineyards and olive groves will give you the opportunity to visit many farms that produce wine and oil and discover where the grapes grow, the production techniques, listen to the local producers with their stories and taste their products in the historic cellars. The hills of Candia, Lunigiana and Montecarlo, the Chianti Classico Road and the Olive Oil Road of the Monti Pisani and the lands of Leonardo, in Montalbano.

Tuscan cuisine is typically characterized by meat and land dishes. To start your dinner, try the black crouton (crostino nero), toasted bread with chicken pate, anchovies and capers. Then pappa al pomodoro, thick Tuscan bread soup with fresh tomatoes, bread, olive oil, garlic and basil, pici, a kind of handmade spaghetti, the Chianina meat and the lampredotto, an institution for all tourists, a bread roll with succulent tripe.

Finally, dessert: Cantucci and Alchermes. Cantucci is a traditional almond pastry from the province of Prato, which is often eaten with Vin Santo. Alchermes is a liqueur which, because of the last ingredients, has a characteristic red colour.

Oto idealny punkt wyjścia:
Chianti - Figline Valdarno
Kurort w samym sercu Chianti: oaza rozkoszy i relaksu oddalona o kilka minut od Florencji. Naładuj baterie w Toskanii, w hu Norcenni Girasole village.
Idealny dla Ciebie, jeśli szukasz:
  • Dobre jedzenie i wspaniałe wino
  • Spacery na łonie natury
  • Strefa spa i centrum odnowy biologicznej
  • Pobliski park linowy
  • Wycieczki po najpiękniejszych miasteczkach pełnych sztuki
Wakacje w Chianti w Toskanii: ciesz się magiczną podróżą
Degustacje, relaks i warowne miasteczka bogate w historię: odkryj najlepsze trasy w sercu regionu Chianti w Toskanii.
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